Exceptional antique sculpture for sale

Furnish Your Castle features a gallery of sculptures available for sale, including early period sculpture from the Middle Ages to the modern era. On our site, you will find a statue of a saint from the Romanesque period as well as an Art Deco dancer from the 1930s, masterpieces of various materials, in stone, wood, clay, bronze. From ancient Greek marble to 19th century animal bronzes, and the 18th century Louis XV terracotta bust, the art of ancient sculpture is declined in all periods. The works come from France, from the best sculpture galleries in Paris, Rome, New York or Brussels.

Some signed terracotta or contemporary bronzes of famous artists are also available for sale. The best specialists entrust us with these great art treasures of valuable price, with the guarantee of their expertise concerning the material (polychrome carved wood, stone, marble, granite or bronze sculptures), the period (Haute Epoque, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries) and the state of conservation of these masterpieces. Furnish Your Castle is also the reference site for selling ancient statue and monumental sculpture of great height or width.

From the origin of sculpture to the statue of the Modern Era

The oldest prehistoric human sculptures are coarse figures in stone or bone, or even mammoth ivory. They are magical or ex-voto objects, roughly carved, of which beautiful examples such as engraved objects from prehistory are for sale on Furnish Your Castle. At that time, the sculptor created objects modelled on clay, often in the form of human figures or animal sculptures.

Until the Middle Ages, ancient sculpture and Western painting were made by the same artists, both painters and stonecutters. Although, during the Renaissance, many artists are still excellent painters and sculptors, it was during this period that the academies of painting and sculpture and architecture were created, which would make it possible to distinguish these two artistic vocations. From the 19th century onwards, the sculptor will carve solid materials such as stone, ivory or wood for unique creations, while the sculptor will produce reproducible models in plaster, argil clay or wax, which can be moulded using the technique of lost wax casting in gold, silver, bronze..., objects that you can find for sale on the site.

Statuary making techniques

The ancient sculpture, some of which are for sale on Furnish Your Castle, can be made in bas-relief on a French Directory decorative plate, in high relief on an Art Nouveau panel or a Victorian statue, or in intaglio on a treasure trove of Roman archaeological sculpture. The round is particularly used for statuary, especially during the Art Deco period on Chiparus' marble or bronze works.

The technique of modeling the statue is carried out on plaster or wax. The clay is used for the production of shaped pieces, notably Louis XV, in stoneware, porcelain or earthenware, which you can find on sale on our site. Modelling of works has been widespread since antiquity. However, from the Renaissance onwards, most sculptors made clay models, which they then had reproduced by moulders, founders or sculptor's rougher-out.

The direct carving is carried out since prehistoric times to carve wood or stone. The work is done on a block of raw material, without any prior drawing of the expected sculpture, using a tool struck by a pebble (prehistoric) and then by a sledgehammer, taking into account the original shape. This technique can be found in all eras, on a Renaissance equestrian statue, an orientalist marble...

Other techniques are assembly or welding, metal or plastic, used for many sculptures of Modern Art, to buy on Furnish Your Castle.

Rare religious or funerary statues and sculptures, fascinating objects

We sell surprising sacred, funerary or votive statues from different continents: Egyptian archaeological statuette such as the Usthebti, head of ancient Roman Etruscan Venus, Khmer Asian Buddha, enamel cross of the Early Carolingian Middle Ages or pre-Columbian bust of goddess... You can also buy a head of a grimacing monk, an ancient 12th century stone sculpture, a 15th century altarpiece in polychrome wood, a 16th century altar, a Baroque Louis XIII crucifix in ivory, a Louis XIV statue of Saint Joseph, a Louis XVI period Saint Jean..., without forgetting ritual wooden masks for ceremonies, African Tribal Art statues with magical charge...

Sculptures in the influence of famous artists from all periods on sale

You can find on sale on Furnish Your Castle, beautiful Renaissance sculptures in the minds of Italian Michelangelo, Benvenuto Cellini, della Robia, Donatello or the Frenchman Jean Goujon. Baroque statues are also available for sale in a style reminiscent of Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Girardon, Clodion, Puget, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne... or in a Classical style evoking the sculptures of Coustou, Coysevox or Houdon.

In the Neo-Classical period the greatest sculptors were Pajou, Pigalle, Antonio Canova (known for his beautiful marbles)..., Antoine Louis Barye being the specialist in bronze animal sculpture. The most famous Romantic statuary was represented by the artists Carpeaux, David d'Angers or James Pradier, and the Impressionist or Art Nouveau style by the works of Camille Claudel, Rodin or Edgar Degas.

The 20th century sculptors Antoine Bourdelle, Rembrandt Bugatti, Maillol, Pompon will mark the Art Deco style by the manufacture of very beautiful bronzes or marbles. While the French statuary of Dubuffet, Duchamp, Arman, César or Niky de Saint Phalle, and the international one of Modigliani, Giacometti, Calder, Brancusi, Botero... evoke all the beauty and diversity of sculptures in the modern world.