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Zebu egyptian animal sculpture of Bos taurus indicus

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Zebu egyptian statue (Bos taurus indicus) from the Middle Kingdom, ancient animal sculpture with prominence of horns and sex.


  • Time:2000 to 1600 BC
  • Origin:Egypt
  • Material or technique:Wood
  • Sizes:30 x 28 x 15 cm (Width x Height x Depth)
  • Reference:1145

Conservation status

Good condition, small lacks and restorations


This bull painted in wood is similar to the scene represented in the tomb of Meketre from Thebes (No. 280 of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo) where cattle of the same type are inspected by their owner, seated under a canopy, who looks at them walking pass him, led by shepherds. The Louvre Museum also preserves similar cattle in painted wood in room 5 of the Department of Egyptian Antiquities under number 9169AF, in the showcase 1 devoted to breeding. These statues come from the cemetery of Deir el-Bersheh in Upper Egyp.

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