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Wakisashi Japanese samurai sword

Private collection


Wakisashi, cold weapon for samurai, Japanese sword from the 16th century from the former province of Mino. Nagako (tang) signed IZUMI-NO-KAMI KANE-SADA. Blade forged in the 16th century measuring 37.5 cm for a total length of 53 cm. The Hamon (hardening line) is clearly visible. Back iori-mune (with two slopes), ko-kissaki spike. Rectangular openwork tsuba. Lasaya (scabbard) in black lacquered wood and shagreen inlay with a kozuka (small knife) also signed. Same-hada decorated with animal menukis. Antique certified by an expert in militaria.


  • Time:16th century
  • Origin:Japan
  • Material or technique:Steel
  • Sizes:5 x 53 x 5 cm (Width x Length x Height)
  • Reference:317

Conservation status

Really good condition. Same-hada slightly cracked

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