Rolls Royce Phantom III convertible to restore

Rolls Royce Phantom III convertible to restore



Heir to the Phantom II of 1929, and marking the break with the 6-cylinder, the Rolls-Royce Phantom III, totally new design, has an exceptional V12 engine inspired aircraft engines. The mythical model of the brand in the James Bond Goldfinger, it represents the last major automobile model of the pre-war Rolls-Royce brand, and the last designed by Henry Royce, before his death in 1933, Age of 70 years, the year of its conception. The finalization of the model will be pursued by the engineer A.G. Elliott. Presented after the economic crisis of 1929 at the 1935 Olympia Motor Exhibition in London, the Rolls Royce Phanthom III was created for a clientele that is becoming more and more sensitive to the power of its car.

Indeed, the 6-cylinder mode is outdated, which is evidenced by the development of the 8-cylinder Bugatti, Mercedes-Benz or Isotta-Fraschini, 12-cylinder Hispano-Suiza, Daimler, Pierce-Arrow, Packard, Lincoln, And Cadillac, and even the 16-cylinder Marmon or Cadillac. While the bodywork was made by renowned homes, including Park Ward, Mulliner, Hooper and Thrupp & Maberly, all parts of this vintage car, from the chassis to the mechanics, were produced by Rolls Royce, with the exception of a few accessories such as tires or spark plugs, and placed on spoked or disc wheels. The new 12-cylinder engine was a lightweight alloy with crank shaft crankcase and cast hiduminum cylinder heads, an aluminum alloy designed for the aircraft engines that Rolls-Royce was producing, especially for British aviation. The Phantom III is also the first Rolls-Royce with independent front wheels.

The cabriolet that we present for sale has a magnificent bodywork of time. It is to be restored but complete. The opportunity to buy a Rolls Royce V12 convertible is very rare, especially at this price, the vast majority of the Phantom III having been coached by sedan, limousine or coupe chauffeur.


  • Number of cylinders:V12 at 60 ° face-to-face, as on aircraft engines, with overhead camshafts, double reversed carburetor Stromberg, double ignition, with two distributors, two coils, 24 spark plugs and twin SU electric pump
  • Displacement:7338 cm³
  • Bore x stroke:82,5 x 114,3 mm
  • Maximum horsepower:160

Other technical elements

  • Transmission:Rear wheels. 4-speedgearbox (synchromesh on speeds 2, 3 and 4). Overdrive since 1938. Single dry disc clutch
  • Suspension:Front, independent with unequal wishbone, semi-elliptical springs, quadrilaterals. Rear, semi-elliptical springs and adjustable shock absorbers
  • Brakes:Power-assisted with on 4 wheels applied by cable, using a servo manufactured under license from Hispano-Suiza
  • Wheels and tyres:Spoke wheels
  • Body:4 seats convertible with steel body. Sheet metal chassis reinforced by X-shaped spacers
  • Ref.:2632

Dimensions, production and performance

  • Manufacturer:ROLLS ROYCE
  • Wheelbase:360 cm
  • Number of copies:727
  • Years of production:1936-1939
  • Maximum speed:140 km/h

Color and finishing

  • Interior finishing:Leather

Conservation status

Complete vehicule to refurbish

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