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Renaissance statue Virgin and Child by Jean Crocq?

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Lorraine statue of a nursing virgin from the early Renaissance with all the similarities and attributes of the sculptor Jean Crocq, who worked at the late 15th and early 16th century. This limestone sculpture, probably made around 1500, could probably be attributed to the great sculptor Jean Crocq for four reasons :

- Its origin, the town of Pont Saint Vincent in Lorraine, France, where Jean Crocq had his school. This statue comes from the pedimented niche of the former Saint Bernard Hospital, located on rue Carnot in Pont Saint Vincent with pictures available. In this city he created one of his most beautiful masterpieces, the famous Virgin of Pity of the church, considered one of the major sculptures of the Lorraine Renaissance statuary;

- The overall style of the face close to that of the Virgin Mary and the Nativity of the Lorrain Museum of Nancy;

- The long beaded borders of the characteristic clothing of the Master's female sculptures (Virgin of the Lorrain Museum - Nancy, Virgin and Child of the Cluny Museum - Paris...) ;


The way of treating hair in long strands, for female sculpture, as Melle Hoffmann evokes it in her thesis on the works of the sculptor.

Jean Crocq (1480-1511), whose name is sometimes spelled Crock, Crocques, Kroc, of Flemish origin, is one of the first representatives of Renaissance art in Lorraine. Imagine, engraver and sculptor of the Duke René II of Lorraine, he made statues of stone and wood. He is considered one of the recognized masters of the Duke of Lorraine, just like his compatriot, the famous Ligier Richier, whom he is said to have inspired. The creation of the tomb of the Duke of Burgundy which was in the collegiate church of Saint-Georges de Nancy or the Virgin of Mercy in the church of Pont-Saint-Vincent made him famous.


  • Time:16th century
  • Origin:France
  • Material or technique:Stone
  • Sizes:40 x 95 x 30 cm (Width x Height x Depth)
  • Reference:2778

Conservation status

Really good condition. Restored head


La sculpture flamboyante en Champagne Lorraine, Créer editions by Jacques Baudoin, 1990. Bulletin monumental, Sociéte Française d'Archéologie, tome 24-3, 1966, pages 308 to 310 by Francis Salet.


Sculptures by Jean Crocq exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Louvre Museum in Paris, the Lorrain Museum in Nancy or in the church of Pont Saint Vincent for one of his masterpieces, the Virgin of Mercy.

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