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Red-figure greek nuptial lebes gamikos ancient vase

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Lebes gamikos or nuptial lebes (nuptial vase) with red figures, ancient archaeology, Greek art around 350 BC. A winged Eros presents a helmet and a shield to the standing man (the bridegroom), bare, wearing spartan sandals, standing in from of a tripod altar. On the reverse, a winged Eros offers a necklace to the wife, seated, the head covered with a veil. She is surrounded by two standing characters: one male, the other one female. The graphic design of both scenes is very finely executed. Base diameter: 11 cm.


  • Time:4th century BC
  • Origin:Greece
  • Material or technique:Ceramic
  • Dimensions :34 x 16 cm (Height x Diameter)
  • Reference:475

Conservation status

Really good condition. Intact vase, missing lid

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