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Prehistoric female idol statue Neolithic steatopygia Venus



Prehistoric Neolithic female idol in polished black onyx from Moravia depicting a Mother Goddess steatopygia standing. Due to its characteristics, the idol is dated between the fifth and the fourth millennium BC, but it could be earlier, in fact the idol has some similarities with the Venus of Belica found in Serbia and dated 6 000 BC. A declaration of authenticity of 2015 will be communicated with this statuette.


  • Time:Neolithic
  • Origin:Czech Republic
  • Material or technique:Stone
  • Height:5.7 cm
  • Reference:2690

Conservation status



This piece has many similarities with Lolithiquea Venus of Bélica found in Serbia and exhibited at the National Museum of Prehistory of the Serbian capital.


The idol is from an old Polish collection, and has been part of Pablo Pazzi personal collection in Florence, Italy.

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