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Petrified wood fossil pine tree Araucaria from Arizona

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The essence of this petrified tree originating from Arizona is a coniferous tree, Araucaria. This fossil wood has a very beautiful connection between red and black, which evokes the beauty of this piece, its rhythm, the circle of dresses that fly. Concentrates of soothed exuberance, in the heart, this white quartz star which branches off in filaments from red to yellow, elsewhere a dotted line of coloured spots, on an edge. Pink agate clouds from which filiform flashes of white agate gush forth, alternating between deep black and surface red. The red is the cell tubes that haven't disappeared. They're coming to the surface. You can see them with a good magnifying glass. They practically disappeared in the dark. They remain in clusters. And then there are sets that work by color, from the deep to the surface. It is a tree that has not been deformed. Was he petrified standing upright? Lateral penetration routes were filled with brown chalcedony. It is a tree with an aesthetics that is gradually being discovered, where not everything is said at first sight and yet it seems very sober. This fossilized tree of the Mesozoic has an estimated age of 225 million years, the back of this petrified wood being reinforced with fiberglass.


  • Time:Mesozoic
  • Origin:USA
  • Material or technique:Wood
  • Sizes:64 x 67 x 2.5 cm (Width x Length x Height)
  • Reference:2758

Conservation status

Really good condition

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