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Petrified fossil wood Araucaria pine of Arizona

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The petrified trees of the Arizona desert are fossil wood of American, the Araucaria having the widest range of colours. This tree has magnificent veins of ivory, pinkish-red and anthracite brown rust. These colors were brought by the richness of the minerals present in the soils during their change of state from wood to stone, mainly iron oxidation which gave all these reds. But it is also those which have been the most tormented, traveling in the rivers, colliding with each other and then crushed by heavy masses of sediment. The hardness is such that the shafts are often so cracked that the polishing of these plates is very long and requires a lot of patience and expertise. This Mesozoic piece is a cut from a nearly 225 million year old fossil Araucaria. The back of this part of fossil tree is reinforced with fiberglass.


  • Time:Mesozoic
  • Origin:USA
  • Material or technique:Wood
  • Sizes:48 x 61 x 1.8 cm (Width x Length x Height)
  • Reference:2753

Conservation status

Really good condition

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