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Oil painting on canvas by Victor Honore Janssens The death of Caesar

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This Flemish Classic painting by Victor Honoré Janssens depicts The Death of Caesar. This oil painting on canvas is signed in the lower right corner on the base of the sculpture V. Janssens. This portraitist and history painter born in 1658 was the representative of the classicism of Flemish painting. Formed in a Brussels workshop in 1675, he resides in Italy from 1678 to 1689. The few years in Rome allowed him to assimilate the classicism of Roman painting, which permeated his works. On his return from Italy, he became a master at the Brussels Painters' Guild and worked exclusively for his hometown. Much better than his contemporaries Zeger Jacob van Helmont, grandson of the famous Mattheus, and Jan van Orley, Janssens elaborated large, balanced and light, well-drawn compositions in bright colours for the churches in Brussels and the courtrooms of the Town Hall destroyed after the bombardment in 1695. It provides a ceiling representing an Allegory in honor of the three orders of states, the clergy, nobility and third state and an Assembly of Gods. As a cardboard maker, Janssens also supplies tapestry drawings for the Town Hall. He produced the models of a series dedicated to the Events of the History of the Duchy of Brabant commissioned on the occasion of the induction of Charles VI as Duke of Brabant in 1717 and executed another series on the Life of Caesar reflecting his style imbued with Roman classicism. He died in 1736. This historical painting was realized between the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th century.


  • Time:17th century
  • Origin:Belgium
  • Artist:Victor Honoré JANSSENS
  • Material or technique:Oil on canvas
  • Sizes:91 x 61 cm (Width x Height)
  • Reference:2698

Conservation status

Really good condition. Lining canvas


Provenance anonymous sale, Brussels, Nackers, 30 March 1953, No 108 (Abraham Janssens). Anonymous sale, Amsterdam, Sotheby's, May 13,2003, No. 77 (Victor Honoré Janssens). Aguttes auction, Old paintings & drawings, Richelieu-Drouot Paris, 24 November 2014, No 43 (Victor Honoré Janssens)

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