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Middle ages gothic crakow shoe poulaine footwear

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Crakow shoe with point from the Middle Ages, crackowe or soulier à la poulaine (left foot). Haute Epoque medieval leather with backing piece sewn on the level of the heel (stiffening) and lacing on the outer edge. Very thin sole prolonged by a long point. Two small holes at the base of the tongue (to attach a buckle?). The more the point of this Gothic shoe of the 15th century was long, the more the social class of the person was elevated. The term crakow comes from the Polish origin of these shoes being supposed to come from Cracow in Poland.


  • Time:15th century
  • Origin:France
  • Material or technique:Leather
  • Sizes:7 x 39 x 11 cm (Width x Length x Height)
  • Reference:74

Conservation status

Really good condition


Ancient Henry René d'Allemagne collection.

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