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Louis XIV dish of baptism goldsmithing tray with arms of Colbert

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Silver plated dish of baptism, bearing the arms of Colbert family, the grass-snake. This large tray for ewer with biblical scene comes from the chapel, that is to say the treasure of Colbert de Villacerf, 1665-1666. It could be attributed to the goldsmith Nicolas Dolin, master in 1648. It is decorated in high relief on the raised rim. Between two heads of angels in round, appears a first scene depicting the Christ in the middle of infirms persons treated in the style of Jacques Callot. A second scene shows the baptism of the Christ. In the center, surrounded by ovals, is engraved the great coat of arms of Colbert: azure grass snake on a gold background, framed by two unicorns and topped by a marquis crown.


  • Time:17th century
  • Origin:France
  • Manufacturer:Edouard COLBERT
  • Material or technique:Silvery metal
  • Sizes:33 x 45 x 2 cm (Width x Length x Depth)
  • Reference:136

Conservation status

Really good condition. Threadbare silver plating


An identical silver model is preserved in the treasure of the cathedral of Troyes, Aube, France.

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