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Large prehistoric votive axe Neolithic tool of Oceania

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Large prehistoric votive serpentine-jadeite axe in exceptional condition, with magnificent glossy glazed patina and superb finishes. This prehistoric tool, probably from the Neolithic, is an Oceanian tool of New Guinea. You will notice its peculiarity: it has been made in a piece with a long bevelled section along the length of the piece to the edge, making it fragile, which confirms the impossibility of its regular use, thus the certainty of its votive destination. This type of pieces with special finishes depicted the prestigious objects of chiefs and high-ranking people, displayed at ceremonies, exchanged or destined for offerings. This prehistoric ax comes from the New Guinea Tribal Arts Gallery, Womerveer, Netherlands.


  • Time:Neolithic
  • Origin:Papua - New Guinea
  • Material or technique:Serpentine
  • Sizes:8 x 26 x 3 cm (Width x Length x Depth)
  • Reference:2693

Conservation status

Perfect condition, no lack on the cutting edge

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