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Japanese sword Katana for Edo samurai

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Katana samurai sword, japanese Edo asian cold weapon. This sharp sword and with a large size has a blade which has been reduced by the presence of a groove (hi) will delight practitioners of Iaido. The blade measure 71 cm for a total length of 98.5 cm. The Hamon (hardening line) is clearly visible. The back is iori-mune (with two slopes), ko-kissaki spike. Former tsuka. The saya (scabbard) in black lacquered wood and shagreen, and the sageo (cord) are from modern manufacture. Nagako (tang) unsigned. Rare blade due to its dimension. Antique certified by an expert in militaria.


  • Time:19th century
  • Origin:Japan
  • Material or technique:Steel
  • Sizes:5 x 98 x 5 cm (Width x Length x Height)
  • Reference:607

Conservation status

Really good condition. Old tsuka with tsuba in fair condition. Late 19th century blade. Scabbard and cord with modern manufacturing

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