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Islamic persian cauldron dig seljuk islamic Khorasan

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Khorasan cauldron dig, tripod with hemispherical belly flanked by four flat fins and two handles. On a fin is engraved the signature of the bronze-founder in kufic writing. Foliages of leaves border the belly. A fin presents three bars embossed acting drop for draining liquids. The others are engraved by rosettes flowers. Islamic persian iranian seljuk art of the 12-14th centuries.


  • Time:13th century
  • Origin:Iran
  • Material or technique:Bronze
  • Dimensions :27 x 47 cm (Height x Diameter)
  • Reference:1302

Conservation status

Good condition, small lacks


Reproduced in the book "Templiers, de Jérusalem aux commanderies de Champagne", Somogy Edition, 2012, pages 224 and 225.


Ancient Henry Rene d'Allemagne collection.

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