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Indian Hinduist sculpture statue stele of ancient Chamunda

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Hindu stele in black phyllite of the Tantric goddess Chamunda in its third form, wisdom. This 11th century sculpture from the Pala dynasty represents a rare and sought-after iconography. Chamunda accepts human sacrifices, the trenched human heads around which she surrounds herself characterize the death of jealousy, selfishness and all that hinders progress on oneself. Her great wisdom due to her restless past lives is marked by her flat belly, hanging breasts, dry skeletal appearance, double-circle eyes and sharp teeth. Pala reign between India and Bangladesh from 750 to the 12th century between Bengal and Bihar. This spectacular round sculpture is in a remarkable state of conservation. Its great finesse of execution and the refinement of its composition are peculiar to the most beautiful sculptures under the Pala.


  • Time:11th century
  • Origin:India
  • Material or technique:Stone
  • Height:71 cm
  • Reference:2654

Conservation status

Really good condition

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