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Gothic medieval style furniture credenza Middle Ages spirit

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Medieval spirit furniture, gothic Middle Ages style dressoir or credenza with back, in fruit wood, cabinet constituted by a body of cupboard, sideboard or cabinet with two doors and two drawers, resting on columns feet with feather ornaments connected by a low shelf to earlier period panels: a holy personage frames motives of regional style. This ceremonial piece of furniture with cornice topped by an openwork balustrade of quatrefoil presents all the attributes of Gothic style of the Middle Ages with linenfold panels motives on the side panels, fenestration in orbevoie, falchions, pointed arches, rosettes or fish scales. 19th century antique furniture with Haute Epoque lower panels.


  • Time:19th century
  • Material or technique:Fruit wood
  • Sizes:93 x 193 x 48 cm (Width x Height x Depth)
  • Reference:2582

Conservation status

Really good condition
Two small restorations on the groundwork

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