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Gothic credenza with medieval portraits

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Medieval furniture, gothic painted dressoir, rare dresser sideboard, Middle Ages cabinet with three-level, supported by square-section columns. The central floor of this Middle Ages piece of furniture forms a niche closed by a decorated tilting panel of a primitive Gothic painting of St. Matthew the evangelist, framed by two Spanish type coat of arms: one, silver, with two pales with mouth and silver castle topped by three towers surmounting on the whole and the other in silver with two pales of mouths with a vase with two handles lined with silver sand flowers. The shields are supported by angels. This painting is flanked by two niches decorated with panels painted on gold bottom:

- To the left representation of a young man holding a phylactery and a bearded man combed by a beret and emerging from a bunch of foliage;

- To the right representation of a young man with a hat and a hair-net maintaining his hair in bulge above each ear, it emerges from a leaf, and from a king supporting a speech scroll with the word vanitas.

The lower floor forms a tray protected by a carved background of linenfold panels. The upper floor has a central compartment reminding the same escutcheons and closed by a wrought iron grille topped by birds. It is flanked by two niches closed by doors cut with open-work fenestrations and decorated on each side of portraits on gold background:

- On the left, the image of a woman wearing a double hennin or cornets hairstyle;

- On the right a man wearing a brimmed hat.

Many of phylacteries are written in French on the furniture faces. It is equipped with four slides (two in the separation of each floor). 15th century medieval piece furniture.


  • Time:15th century
  • Origin:Spain
  • Material or technique:Painted wood
  • Sizes:134 x 197 x 47 cm (Width x Height x Depth)
  • Reference:2014

Conservation status

Really good condition


The patterns painted on furniture from the Gothic period are very rare, the painted German table shown in the Hôtel de Cluny (Museum of the Middle Ages - Paris) uses the same technique.

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