Fossil wood petrified tree Dipterocarpus of Java Indonesia1 of 4 images

Fossil wood petrified tree Dipterocarpus of Java Indonesia

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This cut of the Cenozoic fossil tree evokes movement, a dance, luminous and, more plastically, the trace of movement generated by two forces in confrontation, the pressure, the resistance of fossilized wood. This tree is native to the island of Java. This is a Dipterocarpus. Red dyes, with a high iron content and oxidation, penetrated the softer areas in the periphery. Its slightly oval shape shows that it underwent a strong pressure on a homogeneous material, a resistance, until the rupture, which must have come at the time of burial, when the tree was still made of wood, 20 million years ago... Back reinforced with fiberglass.


  • Time:Cenozoic
  • Origin:Indonesia
  • Material or technique:Wood
  • Sizes:95 x 116 x 2.7 cm (Width x Length x Height)
  • Reference:2719

Conservation status

Really good condition

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