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Fossil resinous Auracaria petrified tree wood from Arizona

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Fossil tree, this conifer, an Araucaria, was discovered in the Arizona desert, in America. This very beautiful wood, petrified with a magnificent red ferric centre and exterior, has in its centre subtle milky and transparent white-blue-grey tones, an illustration of the contrast of white quartz geodes, others slightly amethyst, agates that give rhythm to the surface of the cup, and milky quartz making the colours more delicate. It is a difficult tree to work on because of its hardness, but the polishing gloss is the counterpart. The harder a stone is, the more it shines when polished. This piece from the Mesozoic, around 225 million years old, is a cut of a fossil Araucaria, magnificent petrified wood with a reinforced back by fiberglass.


  • Time:Mesozoic
  • Origin:USA
  • Material or technique:Wood
  • Sizes:48 x 60 x 1.7 cm (Width x Length x Height)
  • Reference:2756

Conservation status

Really good condition

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