Formula 1 Jaguar R1 on sale

Formula 1 Jaguar R1 on sale

750 000 €


The Jaguar R1 presented for sale is the very first F1 built by Jaguar. It was hired by the Jaguar Racing team during the 2000 Formula 1 season. This model will be piloted by the Englishmen Eddie Irvine and Johnny Herbet. Equipped with a Ford-Cosworth engine, the R1 is Jaguar's first car in Formula 1, following Ford's acquisition of the Stewart Grand Prix team, with Gary Anderson as the R1's chief engineer. The Monaco Grand Prix will allow Eddie Irvine to score points in fourth place while Johnny Herbert will finish ninth. The Jaguar R1s are back in the middle of the standings. During the Austrian Grand Prix, Eddie Irvine, who is ill, is replaced by trial rider Luciano Burti. The Brazilian rider, like his team-mate, did not score any points in this race. Irvine nevertheless finished sixth at the closing Grand Prix in Malaysia. At the end of the season, Jaguar Racing finished ninth in the builder's championship with four points, all registered by Eddie Irvine, who finished 13th in the drivers' championship. Johnny Herbert leaves Formula 1 and is replaced by Luciano Burti for the following season. The Formula 1 jaguar R1 offered for sale has been completely revised. It will be delivered in perfect working order. If you would like other Ferrari... Formula 1 or Ayrton Senna Formula 1, Michael Schumacher... contact us.


  • Number of cylinders:Ford Cosworth CR-2 V10 72° V10 at 72° in rear longitudinal position
  • Displacement:2 998 cm³
  • Maximum horsepower:805 (17 500 rotations/min)

Other technical elements

  • Transmission:Propulsion. Semi-automatic 6-speed longitudinal 6-speed Jaguar transmission + reverse gearbox
  • Suspension:Front with pushers and torsion bar, Penske shock absorbers. Rear with pushers and torsion bar, Penske shock absorbers
  • Brakes:Carbon Industrial discs and AP Racing calipers
  • Wheels and tyres:Bridgestone tyres
  • Body:Formula 1 single-seater with carbon fibre monocoque chassis
  • Ref.:2742

Dimensions, production and performance

  • Front track:146 cm
  • Rear track:140 cm
  • Years of production:2000

Conservation status

Perfect condition

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