Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

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The Ferrari 250 GT Lusso that we offer for sale, also called GTL or GT/L is a sports tourism automobile built by the manufacturer Ferrari. Not to be confused with the Berlinetta Lusso, which was a special version of the 250 GT Berlinetta SWB, the 250 GT Lusso, which is not intended for Grand Touring competition, is a more luxurious and spacious version of the Ferrari 250 berlinette GT, the 250 GT Lusso. Considered one of the most elegant models of Ferrari, it is designed by the Turin coachbuilder Pininfarina and bodied by Scaglietti. Although the cabin is more spacious than the 250 GT, the GT Lusso remains a two-seater GT coupe, unlike the 250 GTE, 2+2 coupe. Produced in 1963-64 over just 18 months, the Ferrari 250 GT Lusso represents the latest model of the Ferrari 250 GT generation. The brand takes advantage of the 1962 Paris Motor Show to present its prototype Ferrari 250 GT Lusso, which fills the gap between the 250 GT SWB and the 250 GTE 2+2 coupe. This model is launched in order to meet the requirements of the 1960s, as sports enthusiasts persons become more in search of civilized, comfortable and spacious models, more than radically sporting, the finishes of the Ferrari GTL being of high level, which is felt in weight, between 1,020 and 1,310 kg depending on the finish. Taking on some of the aesthetic and aerodynamic features of the 250 GT and 250 GTO, the Ferrari 250 GT Lusso, which will seduce various personalities of the time, including Steve McQueen, is considered one of the most beautiful Ferrari ever produced.

The body is made of steel (except doors, trunk lid and engine cowl, designed in aluminum), the back is sculpted of a small fin, first of the Ferrari line of tourism to integrate this aerodynamic appendage which ends with a steep Kammback style back. The short rear is characteristic of the Ferrari coupe with a gently sloping bezel. Glass surfaces, such as the rear window and triangular custodes, are important and the thin studs provide excellent visibility. The Ferrari 250 GT Lusso is equipped with four round headlights in the front, two of which are integrated into the wings, except for a few rare versions, including the Speciale Berlinetta Coupe designed by Battista Pininfarina, which feature only two headlights streamlined in spirit of the Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder. Numerous body features can be seen on the Ferrari 250 GT Lusso, such as the rectangular ventilation grille on the hood, the highly curved wings, the predominantly decorative front chrome bumpers placed vertically under each position light. Thanks to the engine's advance of a few centimeters on the front axle, the Ferrari 250 GT Lusso has a spacious cockpit. This modification was rare at Ferrari, the sports car having to concentrate at the time the weight at the center of the automobile. The integration of only two seats instead of four on the 250 GTE made it possible to have a place to receive the luggage behind the comfortable bucket seats, this space being covered with quilted leather and fastening straps for these suitcases. The 250 GT Lusso was civilized and had non-adjustable seat backrests, but the depth of the pedals was adjustable to five centimeters, as in the race versions. Covered with soft leather, the dashboard design is unusual with a tachometer with a red zone starting at 8,000 rpm, a speedometer in the center, slightly oriented towards the driver, and five additional gauges on the driver's side behind Nardi three-spoke steering wheel in wood and aluminum, arranged almost vertically. Unlike the 250 GTE 2+2 with a wheelbase of 260 cm, the Ferrari 250 Lusso GT has a short wheelbase of 20 cm less, identical to that of the 250 GT berlinette. The chassis has a formidable efficiency and adopts the tubular structure of the 250 GTO with reduced tube cross-section and the suspensions are modern, with superimposed triangles and coil springs at the front.

Powered by the well-known V12 Colombo Ferrari engine with a three-liter capacity, the Ferrari 250 GT Lusso develops 240 hp for a top speed of 240 km/h, making it the fastest passenger car in the world at this period. The valves and the crankshaft were derived from the Ferrari 250 GT SWB engine, while the pistons and cylinder block came from the 250 GTE. This engine is just as civilized as the passenger compartment, with only one overhead camshaft per cylinder bank, driven by chain, two valves per cylinder and three carburettors, as opposed to six usually on more sporty versions . Although not intended for competition, the 250 GT Lusso will make some appearances in several sporting events in 1964 and 1965, such as the Targa Florio and the Tour de France. The latest addition to the line-up of the Ferrari 250, started in 1952 with the 250 S, the end of production of the 250 GT Lusso announces the start of a new generation of Ferrari, the 275 and 330 series, always more luxurious and refined. The Ferrari 250 GT Lusso also marked the culmination of Enzo Ferrari's commercial strategy, which wanted the carmaker to sell race cars, road race cars, road cars which can do competition and classical efficient road cars.

The Ferrari 250 GT Lusso that we propose for sale is a model of 1964, one of the last product, with the legendary V12 Colombo engine of 3 liters. Its red body reveals its spoked wheels and beautiful black leather interior. The car is in concours condition, matching numbers and certified Ferrari Classiche.


  • Number of cylinders:V12 Colombo 60 ° in front longitudinal position with 24 valves, two single overhead camshafts, powered by 3 double barrel Weber 36DCS carburetors
  • Displacement:2953 cm³
  • Bore x stroke:73 x 58,8 mm
  • Compression ratio:9,2: 1
  • Fiscal power:17 HP
  • Maximum horsepower:240 (7 500 rotations/min)
  • Maximum torque:255 Nm (5 500 rotations/min)

Other technical elements

  • Transmission:Rear wheel drive with 4-speed gearbox, single-disc clutch and rigid axle
  • Direction:Rack and pinion
  • Suspension:Double wishbones and coil springs at the front. Live axle, leaf springs, semi-elliptical concentric coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers on the rear
  • Brakes:Hydraulically operated disc
  • Wheels and tyres:185/80/15 tires on Borrani spokes rims in polished aluminum with central wing nut
  • Body:2-seater berlinetta coach with tubular steel chassis, steel body and aluminum doors, hood and trunk
  • Ref.:2610

Dimensions, production and performance

  • Manufacturer:FERRARI
  • Length:441 cm
  • Width:175 cm
  • Height:129 cm
  • Wheelbase:240 cm
  • Front track:139 cm
  • Rear track:138 cm
  • Number of copies:351
  • Years of production:1963-1964
  • Maximum speed:240 km/h
  • 400 meters standing start:15 s
  • 1 000 meters standing start:27.5 s

Color and finishing

  • Body color:Red
  • Interior finishing:Black leather

Conservation status

Concours condition
Really nice restoration

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