Emerald of Colombia clear stone of 5.51 carats

Emerald of Colombia clear stone of 5.51 carats

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Exceptional emerald of Colombian origin, the most beautiful provenance. This rare stone, of the beryl family, with an octagonal size with degrees of a beautiful modernity presents a rare intense color (green of medium strong saturation in the certificate of authenticity) and no indications of clarity modification. Its quasi transparency and purity are also unique for a 5.51 carat stone that contains no oil. It has a SSEF certificate from the Swiss Gemmological Institute, the best in the world for a colored gemstone. A very similar emerald has just been sold by Sotheby's in Geneva for a price significantly higher by carat. This type of exceptional stone represents for us the future in terms of investment because none of this size comes out of the sites of extraction of Colombia, the deposits being exhausted ... Placement with superior profitability compared to a classic brilliant shape diamond. For absolute security and confidentiality of the transaction for our customers, this emerald will be sold under escrow account.


  • Origin:Colombia
  • Carat weight:5.51 kt
  • Cut:Emeraude
  • Quality of cut:Excellent
  • Polish:Excellent
  • Symmetry:Excellent
  • Sizes:9.46 x 11.83 x 7.02 mm (Width x Length x Height)
  • SSEF certificate:on demand
  • Reference:2634

Conservation status

Perfect condition

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