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Coniferous fossil wood Araucaria petrified tree Madagascar

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This petrified fossil tree is a resinous tree of African origin, an Araucaria. This Malagasy fossil wood of Mesozoic, about 220 million years old, has magnificent veins and the visible root of a branch, in tones ivory, pink beige, orange-brown, and anthracite at the bark. It is not easy to find petrified fossil trees that have not undergone land movement during their long sleep of several million years. It is for this reason that these trees are usually found today divided into several blocks. This piece of fossil trunk, in addition to being very well preserved, is a high quality piece. The back of this fossil coniferous wood is reinforced with fiberglass.


  • Time:Mesozoic
  • Origin:Madagascar
  • Material or technique:Wood
  • Sizes:63 x 122 x 1.5 cm (Width x Length x Height)
  • Reference:2754

Conservation status

Really good condition

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