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Chouans bill of Britanny army general Bonchamp

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Really rare bond of 648 pounds from the catholic and royal Army of Brittany (the Chouans). The sum was registered with ink and the bill has the original signature of general BONCHAMP, commanding armies from Vandee during the uprising of the royalist against the Republic in 1793. BONCHAMP dies in the battle of Cholet on October 18th, 1793 and the 1st November, 1793, in Laval, the vendean army will emit massively royal bills for a total sum of 900000 pounds. This bond seems to have prefigured this issue. Numismatic bill.


  • Time:18th century
  • Origin:France
  • Material or technique:Paper
  • Sizes:9 x 16.7 x 9 cm (Width x Length x Depth)
  • Reference:1526

Conservation status

Really good condition

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