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Carette limousine large car toy for child

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Children's car, Carette limousine. This toy, the most sophisticated Carette, distinguished itself by its hand-painted bodywork in cream and sky blue, four nickel-plated headlights and lanterns, opening doors, white rubber tyres, a welded wire gallery (lithographed cars usually had deep-drawn metal galleries), bevelled glass windows, carved upholstered front seats, and more, three side supports for the steps (the lithographed cars had only two) and a functioning steering wheel. The steering mechanism is controlled by a snap-on hook under the steering wheel. The driver of such vehicles was in plaster (see photos). This forty centimetre model is the largest of the three existing sizes.


  • Time:20th century
  • Origin:Germany
  • Designer:CARETTE Georges
  • Material or technique:Iron
  • Length:40 cm
  • Reference:2714

Conservation status

Really good condition


See the book, Toy Autos 1890 à 1939, page 52

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