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Carette 50 toy car toy for child double phaeton

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This Carette 50 car is a toy for children in tin, double phaeton with 4 open seats, rubber tyres, two male characters, including the driver in uniform at the front and two ladies at the back. This Carette marked 50 on the radiator and rear body, is probably the most famous tinplate car of the German toy manufacturer, Georges Carette. Although toy cars were only a small part of Carette's production, they give a fascinating insight into the technological and social aspects of their time. This toy is representative of the style of the first full-size car bodies manufactured during the first decade of the 20th century, which were built according to the principles used in the construction of horse-drawn vehicles. The characters are hand-painted and the car is lithographed, red and with gold threads.


  • Time:20th century
  • Origin:Germany
  • Designer:CARETTE Georges
  • Material or technique:metal
  • Length:22 cm
  • Reference:2709

Conservation status

Really good condition


See the book Toy Auto 1890-1939, page 38

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