Bugatti 38 Torpedo Sport double windscreen from a famous french coachbuilder

Bugatti 38 Torpedo Sport double windscreen from a famous french coachbuilder

850 000 €*


Produced in 1926 and 1927, the Bugatti Type 38 was conceived during a period of great creativity in the Molsheim factory. This replacement of the Type 30 keeps the same displacement with an elongated wheelbase of 27 centimeters. The Type 38 is the first touring Bugatti that benefits from numerous improvements derived from the Type 35 Grand Prix Bugatti competition models. The large brake drums (from the Type 40) with a diameter of 33 centimeters on the four wheels with identical control, the polished forged tubular front axle from the Grand Prix, but full and not hollow, are two illustrations, all Bugatti then going to be endowed with this type of axle. The radiator and axles coming from the Type 43 are also very close to the Typa 35. The Bugatti Type 38 has a modest gauge, with very elegant 4-seater cabriolet and a 2-seater coupe version, shorter, with 4.04 meters, this luxury two-seater having been produced to a few specimens. The cabriolet version is made up of a fixed roof made of wooden slatted laths giving the illusion of a hood with compasses postiches. The windscreen is in two parts, the four-spoke steering wheel is characteristic of Bugatti and the dashboard is made of precious wood, for a weight of both versions still quite high. The Type 38 8 cylinder 2-liter in-line engine is the 35 A Tecla motor for a 65 or 100 hp engine with a new four-speed transmission mounted in the center of the chassis.

The model presented for sale is a rare, superb and a unique 4-seater sports torpedo with 2 windshields from a renowned French body builder. The vehicle, totally original and restored, with aluminum body, is in perfect working condition.


  • Number of cylinders:8 cylinders in-line with single overhead camshaft and three valves per cylinder
  • Displacement:1991 cm³
  • Maximum horsepower:65

Other technical elements

  • Transmission:Rear wheels / Single disc clutch / 4-speed manual transmission with reverse gear
  • Direction:Worm and nut steering gear
  • Suspension:Rigid shaft, elliptical springs
  • Brakes:Cable drum brakes on the four wheels
  • Wheels and tyres:Spoke wheels
  • Body:4 seats with hard top convertible / 2 seats coach convertible
  • Ref.:2601

Dimensions, production and performance

  • Manufacturer:BUGATTI
  • Length:432 cm
  • Width:150 cm
  • Number of copies:385
  • Years of production:1926-1927
  • Maximum speed:130 km/h

Color and finishing

  • Interior finishing:Leather

Conservation status

Perfect condition
Original vehicule totally restored.

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