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Buddha sculpture from Lan Chang ancient bronze of Thailand

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Lan Chang Buddha, sculpture from the ancient province of the Kingdom of Thailand. This statue presents a meditative face, a hairstyle and ears characteristic of the ancient Thai style. This 16-17th century bronze religious sculpture is depicted in the position of pacification of the ocean (Pra Bang Lao). This type of antique Lan Chang Buddha manufacturing started in mid 14th century AD during the reign of King Fah Ngum the Great. These Buddha sculptures of human figure were created for Hinayana Buddhism, Lanka branch. Emphatically reflects of the ideology of the people's freedom, these pieces of art are considered the prominent feature of Lan Chang Kingdom's arts.


  • Time:17th century
  • Origin:Thailand
  • Material or technique:Bronze
  • Height:84 cm
  • Reference:2659

Conservation status

Really good condition

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