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Bronze Age Canaanite sacrificial trident religious

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Great sacrificial trident from the Bronze Age with a socket fitting, Canaanite, 14-13th century BC. Religious antique archaeological bronze. A Samuel's abstract, book 1, 2: 13-14 explains the use of this type of sacrificial trident by the sons of Eli to Shiloh: whenever someone sacrificed a sacrifice, the priest's servant came, when the meat was cooked, holding in the hand a fork of three teeth, he speared in the tank, or in the cauldron, or in the pot, or the jar; and whatever brought the fork, the priest took it for himself .


  • Time:1600 to 1200 BC
  • Origin:Lebanon
  • Material or technique:Bronze
  • Sizes:21 x 101 x 1.5 cm (Width x Length x Depth)
  • Reference:1156

Conservation status

Really good condition


The Israel Museum in Jerusalem preserves a trident of the same type (inventory number: IAA 1971-957 and 958) from the excavations of Akko (Acre).

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