Alfa Romeo Stradale classic race car to sell

Alfa Romeo Stradale classic race car to sell

13 000 000 €*


The Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, derived from the competition model Alfa Rome Tipo 33 built in the factory of Autodelta which raced in the Sport Prototype category and participated in the two victories in the World Championship of sports cars, is a rare classic car designed by Franco Scaglione. Built by Carrozzeria Marazzi in the late 1960s, the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale was introduced in 1967 at the Turin Motor Show, the term Stradale being often used by Italian car manufacturers to designate the road version of a racing car model. This timelessly designed classic car, regarded as one of the most beautiful realisations thanks to its generous, slender curves, butterfly doors and wide optics typical of the 1960s (twin headlights for the first models and simple headlights in the last ones), is a road interpretation of the competition model, with a wheelbase extended by 10 centimetres to ensure a beautiful habitability. Its bodywork and aluminium monocoque chassis, as well as the flexible tanks are inspired by the racing version, and its sporty character is illustrated by the presence of the emblematic clover, the Quadrifoglio, on the fenders. Its 2.0-litre, four-shaft V8 engine with four overhead camshafts in the centre rear position has been reduced from 270 horsepower for some 33 Tipo racing models to 230 hp in this road version. It was closely related to the Alfa Montreal V8, with a smaller capacity and a much higher sound level. Both engines had chain-driven camshafts, as opposed to the racers' gear driven ones, but the Stradale kept the racing engine's flat plane crankshaft, whereas the Montreal engine had a cross plane crank. Race engineer Carlo Chiti designed an oversquare dry-sump lubricated aluminum V8. The engine used four chain-driven camshafts to drive the valve train and had a rev-limit of 10,000 rpm. Each Stradale being built by hand, the power levels could vary according to the car, such as the first Stradale (n° 750.33.101) which claims 243 hp at 9,400 rpm with a street exhaust and 254 hp with open exhaust.

The Alfa Romeo Stradale outperformed its rivals in the 2-litre class, particularly the Porsche 911 and its 160 hp, thanks in large part to its 700-kilogram featherweight and 260 km/h top speed. The Alfa Romeo Stradale was at the time the fastest commercially available car in the standing kilometer with time of 24.0 seconds, with a cylinder capacity half as small as its competitors Lamborghini Miura, Ferrari Daytona or Maserati Ghibli. The latest Stradale models are recognizable by vents added behind both the front and rear wheels to allow hot air from the brakes to escape. The car's suspension system is directly derived from the race cars of the 1960s, with upper and lower control arms in the front and double trailing arms at the rear, as well as large anti-roll bars. Two original prototypes had the chassis serial numbers 105.33. xx, while the Tipo 33 racing and production Stradale had the serial numbers 750.33.0xx (racing) and 750.33.1xx (Stradale). Marazzi claims to have built 18 chassis, 5 of them were used for 6 concept cars (a chassis was used twice) by Pininfarina, Bertone and Giugiaro / ItalDesign. Eight were manufactured with the beautiful Scaglione's bodies. The others are experimental or unconfirmed due to huge holes in the history of the Tipo 33s and the exact number of long wheelbase Stradale chassis does not quite match the range of chassis numbers. The prototype (chassis N° 10533.01) was sold to the Japanese private gallery Abarth and the second Stradale prototype with a magnesium body (chassi N° 10533.12) and the five concept cars are now part of the Alfa Romeo Museum. The Alfa Romeo Stradale was the most expensive automobile for sale to the public in 1968.

The one we offer for sale is an extremely rare vehicle, perfectly restored and in superb condition.


  • Number of cylinders:V8 cylinder engine with DOHC at 90° 16 valves in longitudinal position and Spica multipoint injection, four ignition coils and 16 spark plugs
  • Displacement:1 995 cm³
  • Bore x stroke:78 x 52.2 mm
  • Compression ratio:10.0:1
  • Maximum horsepower:230 (8 800 rotations/min)
  • Maximum torque:200 Nm (7 000 rotations/min)

Other technical elements

  • Transmission:Rear mid-engine and rear wheel-drive. 6 speed Colotti manual gearbox
  • Direction:Rack and pinion
  • Suspension:Front with coil springs and double wishbones. Rear with coil springs, semi-trailing arm, trailing arm and anti-roll bar
  • Brakes:Girling vented discs
  • Wheels and tyres:Campagnolo magnesium wheels. Dunlop tyres 4.75/10.0-13 on the front and 6.0/12.0-13 on the rear
  • Body:2 doors and 2 seats sport coupe with aluminium body on aluminium tubular chassis
  • Ref.:2689

Dimensions, production and performance

  • Manufacturer:ALFA ROMEO
  • Length:397 cm
  • Width:171 cm
  • Height:99 cm
  • Wheelbase:235 cm
  • Front track:135 cm
  • Rear track:144 cm
  • Number of copies:18
  • Years of production:1967-1969
  • Maximum speed:260 km/h
  • 0 to 100 km/h:5.5 s
  • 1 000 meters standing start:24 s

Color and finishing

  • Interior finishing:Leather

Conservation status

Perfect condition

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