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Furnish Your Castle presents a gallery of ancient paintings of great price, wide range of pictorial art of the most varied categories, styles and periods. Paintings and drawings, unknown masterpieces or reference master canvas are offered for purchase in a remarkable condition by art galleries or dealers specialized in the most diverse works: oils from the 18th century French school, paintings from the 17th century Flemish school. From Paris, Antwerp or London, our antiques dealers offer you a remarkable choice of signed oils on canvas, still lifes, oils on panel of high time, portraits young and not so young of Louis XIV, Louis XV or Renaissance period, of France or Italy...

The painting, the piece of art from the 19th century to the present day

Some offers also concern masterpieces of Art Deco or contemporary art. The 19th century is also well represented, with the paintings slowly evolving towards Symbolism, Impressionism, Fauvism, Cubism and progressive abstraction at the dawn of the 20th century. And then there are unknown but so captivating masterpieces. Whatever the century and whatever the price, Furnish Your Castle can offer you the antique painting of your dreams, oil on panel, oil on canvas or drawing, the masterpiece that will enhance your home.

The different pictorial techniques

We present all types of paintings for sale, including frescoes and lime wash paintings that were used since antiquity and rediscovered during the Renaissance. Ink wash painting, coming from China in the 6th century and then used in Japan in the 10th century, is a pictorial technique consisting in using only one colour (watercolour or Indian ink), diluted to obtain different intensities of colour. Tempera, a painting technique based on an egg or fat emulsion, appeared in the Middle Ages. Oil painting, often on wood, then on canvas, which replaced the tempera technique, emerged in the West at the end of the Medieval period, with Flemish primitives having generalized its use.

Sanguine or red chalk, which uses earth-red pigments, was already used during the Renaissance for colouring and drawing: it reached its peak in the 18th century. Watercolor painting, a pictorial technique using crushed pigments for water painting, is mainly applied on paper. Long used for studies, it became a technique in its own right at the end of the 18th century and above all from the 19th century onwards, a technique that differs from the opaque gouache in its transparency. Of ancient tradition, and very close to tempera, but without eggs, gouache, an opaque variant of this watercolour, became, especially from the 13th century onwards, the painting of manuscripts.

Already used by Leonardo da Vinci, pastel, with a wax binder, was probably invented in France and Italy at the end of the 15th century. It was very popular since the 17th century thanks to its bright colours. The golden age of pastel remains the 18th century. But, symbol of the grace of the France's old regime, it fell into disuse shortly after the French Revolution in favour of oil painting. The pastel will nonetheless endure under the influence of impressionists such as Edgar Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, the nabis Édouard Vuillard or Odilon Redon.

In the 20th century, acrylic or vinyl paint uses pigments mixed with synthetic resins. Conceived in the late 1920s and early 1930s, these paintings were widely adopted by Rothko, de Kooning... in the early 1950s, but also as aerosol paint in Modern Art.

Other graphic techniques

The first attempt at drawing in Greece was attributed to the love of a young girl named Dibutade. Printmaking or printing, also very old, is the result of an image printed on paper, engraving being the art of digging metal or wood. The etching use a chemical process on a metal plate. The art of printing a subject drawn on the stone, the lithography is different from screen printing, which is similar to the stencil technique. The poster, of which you will find high quality copies on the site, is above all an advertising support that gained its nobility at the end of the 19th century with illustrators Jules Chéret or Alphonse Mucha, or painter Toulouse-Lautrec.

High quality paintings, in a wide variety of styles

Our concern for quality is to bring together works of art, in very good condition, selected and sold by galleries and art market specialists who bring us their experience and their guarantee. In this context, the paintings that we have for sale can be frescoes of Antiquity but especially medieval tempera paintings, Renaissance or Baroque oil paintings, neo-classical red chalk, or Romantic watercolours... of the Early Modern Period.

Paintings of Modern Art in its entirety are also for sale on Furnish Your Castle, such as Art Nouveau pastel or Surrealist engraving. The same applies to paintings of Expressionism, Bauhaus or Dada or lithographs of Surrealism, Figurative or Outsider Art. Contemporary art works of Pop Art, New Realism or Neo-Expressionism are often exceptional acrylic or vinyl paintings.