Exceptional diamond

Where to buy and sell a safe investment diamond

For the purchase and sale of rare diamonds, we allow you to discover in complete safety on Furnish Your Castle exceptional precious stones, all being for sale for an investment and a safe and financially protected investment.

Secured transaction with certificate of authenticity and escrow account

In order to buy or sell an exceptional diamond at the best price, we put you in direct contact with the largest diamond dealers for a totally secure transaction with, for each gemstone, communication of your expertise certificate of expertise and authenticity from the best laboratories, namely the American GIA and the HRD of Antwerp, and not the EGL or IGI, less qualitative. You will be able to see your future diamond, the jewel of your dreams, before buying online, Furnish Your Castle will take care of 100% secure this transaction by payment on escrow account, with the same guarantees as for the purchase of a real estate property.

Precious stone color

The most beautiful coloured diamond are the Exceptional White + to Extra White of the letters D, E, F and G of the High Jewelry level, the color H being dedicated to small jewellery. High-quality coloured diamonds, including daffodil, intense yellow (Fancy Vivid Yellow) and especially the rare pink (Fancy Vivid Pink) or blue (Fancy Vivid Blue) diamonds with a weight of several carats, are the most sought-after for a forward-looking placement.

Clarity grade for diamonds

An exceptional gemstone clarity from Flawless and Internally flawless, either F or IF (or perfect internal purity visible under 10x magnification), to VVS1 or VVS2 (very very slightly included) is for really High Jewelry diamond. The level of inclusions VS1 and VS2 (very slightly included) is devoted to the fine jewelry quality and SI1 or SI2 (slightly included) really often for very large diamonds that we can have for sale. I1 to I3 diamonds with inclusions clearly visible with eyes are excluded from the site.

Gemstones cut

Original diamond cuttings are preferred, especially in degrees such as emerald or baguette shape, as well as pear, cushion, marquise, heart, oval or princess, or very original triangular cut such as troid, briolette, cabochon, radiant or asscher rather than round faceted brilliant cut. The latter, more classical, is less rare and, like the antique cut diamond, will be less favoured as an investment diamond.

Ideal Cut diamond and fluorescence

Diamonds of perfect cut quality, with exceptional symmetry and polish quality that, for a round brilliant-cut diamond, give rise to a Hearts & Arrows stone, with hearts visible on the back and arrows on the table : this is one of the best placement for a very high quality. Moreover, zero fluorescence will add value to such gemstones.

How to calculate the price of a rare diamond with the 4Cs

As with a commercial diamond, the value of an exceptional diamond is influenced first by its carats, colour, then by its purity, cut quality, shape and fluorescence. The most expensive diamonds per carat are, for whites, the perfect pure white D-IF, especially of more original sizes, such as emerald, asscher or cushion, which can reach more than 100 000 € per carat for stones with a heavy weight. For intense pink or blue diamonds, this price per carat can even exceed several millions of dollars for a carat for a stone of more than 5 carats.

Why buy an investment and collectible diamond

Buy a beautiful diamond can have different purposes, either as a short or long term investment purchase, or as a pleasure purchase. You will find, as at Harry Winston's in New York or Paris, the most sumptuous gemstones on Furnish Your Castle.

Diamond as investment

Investing in an exceptional high jewellery diamond from Dubai, Cannes or Los Angeles allows you to make a risk-free investment. The value of this gemstone is expected to increase significantly over the next 15 years, due to a correlated effect of reduced production, which peaked in 2006, and strong demand growth. For these gemstones of the best quality, representing the purchase of medium and long term investment, this price increase should be even stronger, especially for the rare diamonds presented for sale on the site.

Pleasure buying, the mounted diamond jewelry

The investment diamond can also be a pleasure purchase allowing you to wear it in majesty as a magnificent gemstone on a discreet necklace or pendant, in earrings or on a sumptuous engagement or wedding ring. This stone has this grace allowing it to be both an object of fascination and beauty for the woman, and one of the best and safest long-term investments.