Rare European ceramics

Furnish Your Castle presents a gallery of beautiful antique ceramics, earthenware, porcelain, stoneware, biscuit and terracotta for the collector. Partly from Europe, dating from the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, the exceptional earthenware and porcelain on sale on the site are very eclectic. Objects from all the major European production centres with refined decorations are on offer, including beautiful 18th century polychrome porcelain figurines and the production of large porcelain centers.

Antiquity pottery

The following are presented in the Archaeology section of the site, rare ceramics, such as prehistoric Neolithic jugs or ancient Roman amphorae in pottery, Etruscan terracotta statues, statuettes of Tanagra or remarkable Greek vases with red or black figures.

Italian, Spanish or Portuguese earthenware and ceramics

We offer for sale on Furnish Your Castle the majolica of Umbria or Tuscany from the factories of Urbino, Deruta, Faenza or Gubbio, the city of Maestro Georgio, or the lustrous medieval or Renaissance earthenware of Spain and the famous Portuguese panels in tiles of Azulejos.

Exceptional french porcelain and faience

Important prestigious earthenware workshops were located in Lyon, Nevers, Rouen, Marseille or Bordeaux. You will also find the beautiful productions of Moustiers with their Bérain arabesques in the Louis XIV style and the beautiful decorations radiant of Lille. We also offer some exceptional porcelain pieces from the 19th and 20th centuries in Limoges, Paris or Sèvres workshops, as well as other Chantilly, Longwy or Sarreguemines ceramics, as well as some creations by famous contemporary masters from France and Europe.

German or Flemish ceramics

Furnish Your Castle sells objects of Germanic tableware and decorative arts, developed from the late Middle Ages onwards, with the Raeren and Westerwald stoneware or in the 18th century with elegant porcelain figurines from Saxony by Meissen. For the north of Europe, you will also find ceramics from the Flemish faience factories in Delft, a large centre for the production of a wide variety of works of art.

English stoneware, earthenware and porcelain

The 18th century soft porcelain from England from Bow or Chelsea, the exceptional tableware produced by Royal Doulton in stoneware or, in the decorative arts, fine Wedgwood earthenware are illustrations of antiques and fine art objects on sale on the site.

Exceptional earthenware, porcelain and pottery, works of art from other continents

Since antiquity, Europe has been one of the largest centres of earthenware and pottery making, both for decorative objects and tableware, but Asian and Middle Eastern production was also very refined.

Asian refined ceramics

Furnish Your Castle presents you to the purchase and sale, art objects of Antiquity, in particular pottery vases from Southeast Asia of the Bang Chiang civilization or from China of the Shang, Zhou or Han dynasties. Other more recent antiques from the Tang, Song, Ming and Qing dynasties are for sale, such as precious porcelain with the rich decoration from green and pink families in China.

Middle East ceramics

We offer both ancient Islamic ceramics from the Persian manufacturing centers, notably Khorassan, ancient ceramics from Fez, or the Ottoman world, as well as from the Antiquity of Egypt or Tunisia.

Remarkable ceramics, faience or porcelain sold with the best guarantees

The art of ceramics is represented in our catalogue by all forms of objects: simple plates, decorated earthenware dishes, albarello or chevrette, statuettes, amphoras, shape pieces and other antiques. Our concern is to bring together high-quality ceramic art objects, in very good condition, selected and sold by galleries and art market specialists who bring us their experience and expertise, to give you optimal guarantees.