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If you wish to buy or sell a rare vintage car, you have the possibility to find it by announcement, auction, or with total protection of the transaction and significantly reduced costs, on our site of sale of high-end art objects, Furnish Your Castle. We can also offer you other rare vehicles, which we will find you according to your requests, being in direct contact with the greatest collectors of prestige cars often not found.

The price criteria to choose a prestigious collection automobile

The price of a prestigious antique car is awarded according to different criteria that can give a real added value.

Classic vehicle period

The Veteran or brass era (cars built up to 1918) produced before 1905 (Edwardian automobile) and able to participate in the legendary London-Brighton rally are nowadays very rare and sought-after, with ratings that are rising sharply and can be two to three times higher than other vintage cars produced before the First World War.

The Vintage cars of the interwar period, of high quality and very beautiful brands also met with great success, particularly with the current American clientele, when the name of the bodybuilder and the style of the vehicle represent excellence (Delage D8-120 Figoni & Falaschi or Pourtout, Bugatti 57 Gangloff, Delahaye 135 MS Saoutchik).

The enthusiasm for cars that remind us of the youthfulness of their owners, especially the Sport Prestige (1946 to 1979) and the luxury Youngtimer (the GTIs were the popular sports cars of that time) is now considerable, particularly for the most desirable sports car brands, especially Italian (Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini), English (particularly Aston Martin, AC with the Cobra and Jaguar) or German (Mercedes, Porsche and BMW).

Auto body type

The most highly rated vintage vehicles are the convertibles with roadster, cabriolet, torpedo, phaeton or runabout versions, followed by coupe ones (racing ones, such as the Ferrari GTO are the most desirable). Then there are the sedans, with the most desirable coupe de ville or limousine. Atypical bodies such as the shooting brake (Aston Martin DB5), the gullwing coupe (Mercedes 300 SL) or the retractable roof sedan (Voisin C25 Aerodyne) also have a very high rating.

Car engine type

Until the First World War, engine displacement prevailed, with a single-cylinder, twin-cylinder or four-cylinder being less essential. The strong 7 to 8 liters displacement of a Delaunay-Belleville, a Renault 40 hp or a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost symbolized the prestige of the vehicle.

From the Vintage cars of the interwar period, the number of cylinders has never ceased to rise and collectors must favour vehicles with at least 6 cylinders (Rolls Royce Phantom I), with the smaller cylinders developed for racing (Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 and 2300 or Bugatti 35) being the most sought-after. Collector cars of American brands such as Cadillac, Lincoln, Packard, Pierce-Arrow, French Delage D8 or Amilcar or Italian Isotta Fraschini, will be equipped with 8-cylinder or even 12 or 16 cylinders engines, especially in English Lagonda V12 Rapide, Rolls Royce Phantom III or the French Voisin C20 and Hispano-Suiza J12. In this race for performance, the compressor engine is a myth of interwar period and cars with such motors are the most hightly rated, starting with the English Bentley 4.5 liter 4-cylinder Le Mans, the Aston Martin Ulster, the Invicta and other Riley. In France, the Bugatti, Alfa Romeo in Italy and the Mercedes in Germany, with the SSK or the 540 K, are today the most expensive compressor vehicles. And of course, the mythical Duesenberg SSJ can be found across the Atlantic.

Postwar strong displacement and number of cylinders still prevail, but it is above all the power ratio of the car that strengthens the rating. The legendary Italian (Ferrari), German (Porsche, Mercedes) and English (Aston Martin) engines then represent technological excellence.

Prestige of the automotive brand

Although some popular brands (Citroen, Renault, Peugeot, Fiat, Volkswagen, Toyota, Chevrolet or Ford) have developed some rare models with a high or very high rating (Chevrolet Corvette, Ford GT 40 or Mustang, Renault Reinastella for example), the old prestige brands that have disappeared, such as Pegaso or Facel Vega, and the great prestige sports car brands that still exist, are experiencing increasing demand. For the more recent models, the racing Audi Quattro, Lancia Stratos, Matra V12 du Mans, BMW M1 and Z8 (downstream of the BMW 507) or other Porsche 959s have become classic cars with a higher rating than a Volvo P1800 or Pontiac.

Rareness of the vehicle

Regardless of the age of the old vehicle, its rarity is one of the most essential elements to increase its value. As soon as a collector's car of a prestigious brand with a powerful engine is produced in less than 500 units, its price can approach or exceed one million euros: this is the case for a Ferrari 275 GTB or Enzo, AC Cobra, Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8 SS or Voisin C18 coupe V12 single copy. For cars produced in less than 100 of the most famous and high-performance models, the 5 million euro barrier can be largely surpassed, particularly for the Jaguar Type D, the Aston Martin DB3S, the Bugatti Royale or the Ferrari 250 Testarossa and 250 GTO.

Car history and pedigree in racing

The historical knowledge of the automobile, the lineage of its owners, especially famous, particularly for sports cars, are significant elements of added value. For older competition vehicles, race results and drivers who have driven it bring a strong added value to these old prestige vehicles with a rating which can increase (more than 50% for a car that has won a number of significant races, and even more than 200% for the winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans or the Manufacturers' World Championship with a famous driver).

Matching numbers and authenticity certificate by the motorcar manufacturer

For a few years now, these elements, which were not in demand until the 2000s, have become a vector for the strong valorization of the collector's car. The matching numbers means that all the mechanical components of the vehicle are original, with an engine, gearbox, axle and chassis serial number corresponding with the references of the factory's archives. Also its value will be greater if the car has been authenticated by the historical service of a prestigious brand. This is particularly the case in the recently created dedicated services (Ferrari Classiche, Porsche, Jaguar or Rolls Royce).

Condition of preservation of the vehicule

The rating of a very old classic car is stronger when it has remained in perfect original condition. When its restoration is obligatory, the concours condition is to be privilege, but preserving all the original parts. We present on the site almost exclusively vehicles in concours condition or in very good working order on the body and engine in order to avoid consequent restoration costs. These cars are often appraised and you will benefit, especially for those adherent to the FIVA (Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens) or FFVE, from a technical inspection that determines if the tires are new, and whether the bodywork, suspensions, brakes or steering are in perfect working order.

The antique car, a purchase investment and pleasure

The classic car, the best financial investment

Investing in prestigious collectible vehicles is the assurance for the best financial investment over 10 years (+ 467% for Ferrari or Porsche cars) with a return 5.5 times higher than the stock market when the criteria for buying cars are well chosen. Moreover, unlike real estate or stock market property, the vintage car is exempt from many taxes and duties, which increases the financial performance of resale and collection car insurance represents a minimal cost.

Motorcar and pleasure investment

Collector cars are still the best long-term investment, but driving them is very exciting. As soon as the engine is turned on, this object comes to life for indescribable pleasures that can be shared with passengers in a tourist rally, a historic car race or within a brand retrospective. In this context, Furnish Your Castle will know how to find you the car of your dreams.